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Put our Service to the Test!  We pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations in customer service and expertise. Gil Law is a full-service real estate and estate planning firm that assists our clients throughout the entire process of purchasing, selling, leasing or refinancing real estate as well as leaving your estate in order for your loved ones. Contact us today for more information!  We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

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What Do We Do?

Gil Law is dedicated to providing exceptional client advocacy. Our mission is clear - to zealously represent our clients while guiding them through the legal process involving their Real Estate, Estate Planning and Probate matters. We are a firm that works to protect you and your family’s present and future needs and assets.

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Our Practice Areas

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    Real Estate Law

    Owning a home is a foundation of wealth, bringing about both financial growth and emotional security.  

    We provide our legal services with candor, practicality and professionalism each and every time. Our work ethic and experience are shown by the results of our labor and dedication to rendering the best customer satisfaction to every client, with no exception. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your next real estate transaction!

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    Wills, Trusts & Estates

    Our goals can only be reached through proper planning.

    “By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

    We understand the sensitive and delicate nature of planning for the future, when you are no longer able to care for your family and loved ones. Let Gil Law guide you in preparing for the eventual transfer of your estate to your designated beneficiaries. We offer initial virtual consultations for your convenience. Contact us today!

    “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Probate Administration

    Probate is a judicial process wherein the deceased person’s assets are administered, whereby debts and taxes are paid, and the remainder of the estate is distributed to the beneficiaries. Our legal team is one you can trust and rely on to handle the summary or formal administration of your loved one in an efficient and seamless manner.

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    Title & Escrow Services

    Why is purchasing title insurance so important when buying real property? To put it simply, it gives you peace of mind by protecting your property rights and investment against unforeseen covered occurrences. Owner’s Title Insurance will protect your largest investment (your homestead or other real property), by offering coverage against defects in title (i.e., improperly recorded documents, fraud, forgery, etc.); protecting you from loss from covered claims; you only pay once for coverage; and it gives you reassurance to you and your heirs that your property is free of: unpaid mortgages, unpaid property taxes, recorded liens, and missing heirs who may claim an adverse interest in the property after you purchase it. Title insurance is a small expense to pay in comparison to the benefits it affords. Buy with confidence. Let us help you protect your home – contact us today!

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